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Numalis and Airbus Development sign a partnership

Airbus Development has found in Numalis an innovative company with high chance to create jobs in Occitanie but also a technical solution for many Business Units in the group, for launchers, satellites, planes, etc.
3 octobre 2018

Numalis at the Eurosatory show

After months of preparation we finally made it to the Eurosatory exhibit from the the 11th to the 15th of June. Here is a little recap of what we've done there!
15 juin 2018

Numalis joins the Systematic Paris region cluster

Through this cluster of 800+ members Numalis joins an industrial network able to span its innovations on almost all the Paris industrial region.
26 janvier 2018

The french bank Caisse d'Epargne awards its NeoBusiness label to Numalis

During the second session ever of this newly created label, Numalis has pitch its growth project and convince both a panel of bankers and veteran entrepreneurs.
21 décembre 2017

Best industry paper awarded to Numalis at ISSRE'17

Every year this conference regroups both industrial and academic speakers for around the world to discuss software reliability. This topic is on point when it concerns autonomous cars or space launchers.
25 octobre 2017

Numalis gets the innovation award from the MEDEF

During it's summer university the MEDEF industrial cluster has awarded Numalis its innovation award, to honor the innovative contributions Numalis bring for both military and civilian applications.
5 septembre 2017

Numalis gets the GICAT' "Generate" certification label

The GICAT is innovating and gathering everything to allow young innovative startups to bring their products into the Defense sector.
24 mars 2017

Numalis is pitching at the first OpenInnovation Day of the SAFE cluster

13 startups, 9 major companies in the Defense sector, the first SAFE OpenInnovation Day is launching a lot of opportunities!
3 février 2017

Numalis joins the Aerospace Valley

The aeronautic, space and embedded systems industries join force in Toulouse to build the biggest platform in France on these subject. At the crossing of all these industries Numalis is here to bring new innovations for them.
15 décembre 2016

Numalis joins the SAFE Cluster

From the security to the emergency services and the Defense, the SAFE cluster regroups both major companies and institutions to build a safer world.
29 novembre 2016
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