Our Team

We are proud to present you our team, which designs, implements and brings you the best solutions matching your highest expectation in numerical accuracy and performance.
Since its beginning, Numalis stands at the confluence of industrial and academic streams. Excited by the most recent scientific breakthrough, two researchers in computer science and an experienced software engineer decided to work together and build the very first company dealing with numerical issues automatically. Since then, we promote partnerships and synergic relations between the academic and the industrial worlds, as our strategy is to hire and intervene in both sectors.

Arnault Ioualalen - CEO

PhD in Computer Science and research engineer in Mathematics, Arnault is at the heart of every innovations that Numalis provides now.

Nicolas Normand - CTO

Graduated in MSc Degree in Computer Science, his 10 years’ experience in the informatics development area and the project management make him the technical director of Numalis.

Matthieu Martel - Scientific advisor

Associate Professor in Computer Science in the Mathematics and Physics laboratory (LAMPS) of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, Matthieu has worked for more than 20 years on R&D’s projects in the field of floating-point arithmetic.

Quentin Baduel - Development Engineer

Graduated in MSc Degree in Computer Science, Quentin started his professional experience in an important French ITC. As a development engineer, he worked on complex IT systems of key accounts and now he’s a dynamic analysis’ expert.

Damien Perez - Apprentice

Being a 3 years student in Computer Science, Damien developed his software skills on Numalis’ activities, especially on the floating-point arithmetic.