Numalis for the Aerospace industry

For the last twenty years, engineers in the embedded software industry have experienced and tackled the issue of numerical accuracy manually. In the aerospace industry numerical stability is a topic of investigation. However manual inquiries require a lot of expertise and time to be carried out properly. As embedded software size is growing, manual methods are becoming harder to implement and a more automated way is required.

Better accuracy in constrained environment

A fundamental challenge of any embedded software is to adapt it to its highly constrained environment, like FPGA or specific designed systems. It could be from small memory sizes, or high throughput requirements. These constraints can change heavily the implementation of an algorithm from the high-level conception tool to the low level implementation.

Usually, optimization is done manually by adapting each section of the code, but when the result is not satisfying, you have to start over. Numalis tool, with our experience in code synthesis, provides you with a panel of possible implementations respecting your criteria. Thus, you have a host of implementations to help you realize the best implementation matching your need.

Increase system stability

Semi-autonomous or completely autonomous systems are the next step in robotics and drone technology. When performing in an autonomous fashion, systems can experience drifting in their behavior. The combined effect of imprecise sensors and numerical drift due to calculations could lead these systems to unfit decisions with, sometimes, dramatic consequences.

Numalis will help you to extend the duration of a safe execution despite sensors imprecision and numerical drift. Our tools will give you the most accurate boundaries on the maximum drift your system can experience, and then will help you push back these boundaries.

Numerical testing techniques

Reliability is a crucial matter for all critical embedded software, as it enables tasks with no human in the loop. To achieve such high level of trust, the systems are intensively tested. However when it comes to calculations, it is almost impossible to cover every possible execution: Numerical validation is often either incomplete or almost intractable.

With static and dynamic automatic analysis, Numalis tools will help you avoid faulty calculations. Detailed reports on the numerical behavior, along with proof of maximum drift in calculations, make possible to ensure the strictest reliability requirements on your software calculations.