Numalis for the Defense industry

Each and every single system in the defense industry is a key cog that has to be reliable, durable and efficient. As well as for the software used. From conception to integration until tests and maintenance in operational conditions, the software quality is a must. This demand for quality is costly, however in a field where the demand always asks to do more with less, the need for automated software solutions makes perfect sense.

Optimize your test phase to avoid costly delay

Test phases are essential to ensure that the critical embedded system will be reliable and performant. They cast an essential light on every flaws that have not been detected during the design or development phases. However, addressing their correction is costly and really time-consuming. It is even more the case when the flaw in question is of a numerical matter, as they are very hard to anticipate without having the whole system in place. For each flaw detected on a complete test bench there is at least a 4 months delay to address it and resume the test. The main cause comes from the fact it requires to duplicate, replicate, understand, dispatch, correct, then merge the patch in more up to date version of the code. For every flaw the risk of delay fee is increasing, but the risk of partially or totally damage the test bench also is increasing.

This whole costly process could be avoided if the correct tools are available from the start. The Spoat range of product is designed to help your software engineers to check upstream even the most complex numerical risks that could affect your system. By doing so every flaw is detected and corrected as they appeared, without waiting the test phases. Your test phases become merely confirmation phases design to check the quality of your system, instead of being plagued by bugs discovery.

Increase the duration in stable condition

Semi-autonomous or completely autonomous systems are the next step in robotics and drone technology. When performing in an autonomous fashion, systems can experience drifting in their behavior. The combined effect of imprecise sensors and numerical drift due to calculations could lead these systems to unfit decisions with, sometimes, dramatic consequences.

Wizoat range of product will help you to extend the duration of a safe execution despite sensors imprecision and numerical drift. Our tools will give you the most accurate boundaries on the maximum drift your systems can experience, and then will help you push back these boundaries.

Boost your code performance

Real-time numerical systems rely on iterative convergent methods to operate. To always ensure their response time, numerical software have to find the good tradeoff between answering partially wrong or with some delay.

The Wizoat line of products allows to increase the convergence speed of your algorithms by improving their accuracy. Your algorithms will not suffer from the time-consuming deviation effects anymore. Our Wizoat range automatically generates an optimized version that divides the numerical deviation.