In order to bring together on the same topic the largest number of industry and academic stakeholders, we have developed strong partnerships. As our business is across many industries we have the possibility to be in many clusters across the industry. We offer strong opportunities for experts, researchers and students to invent the next generation of validation and optimization tools.

Languedoc-Roussillon Incubation

The goal of the Incubator Languedoc Roussillon is to promote the creation of innovative businesses based on the research work done in the higher education as well as in the public research institutions, for technologies with a high growth potential.

Business Innovation Center

The Business and Innovation Center of the Montpellier Urban Area is one of the first technological incubators in France and in Europe. It has received numerous awards for its tools and monitoring programs, and it manages several business incubators, such as Cap Alpha (dedicated to BioTech and CleanTech), Cap Omega (specialized in ICTs) and MIBI (specialized in international business developement).
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