The First Spell Checker for Calculations

Even the most powerful computers reach their limits, and the way they handle calculations invariably leads to rounding errors. Numalis tools validate your program calculations quickly and multiply their accuracy while improving performance.
With ease of use and its scientific innovations, Numalis will empower your developers with unique tools to help them design and test efficiently any program running critical computations.

Spoat ensures the numerical reliability

Engineers may spend hours controlling the accuracy of their software. With Numalis the numerical validation is done automatically in a matter of minutes!

Discover more about:
  • Automate test plans
  • Floating and Fixed-point arithmetic analysis
  • Cross-context analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface

Wizoat optimizes the numerical accuracy

Don't waste any more time or resources: now you can obtain automatically the correct optimization matching your needs. With Numalis, you get the tradeoff between accuracy and performance that best satisfies your requirements.

Discover more about:
  • Improvement of accuracy
  • Multi-criterion optimization
  • Cross-context optimization
  • Easy-to-use optimization process

Defense industry

Critical embedded systems perform a lot of calculations along with acquiring more and more autonomy. The more they run, the more they risk accumulating errors and have an unstable and unreliable behavior. Nevertheless, functional safety is always mission critical, with Numalis your engineers get the information they need to design and validate efficiently their code.

Discover more about:
  • Optimize your test phase to avoid costly delay
  • Increase the duration in stable condition
  • Boost your code performance

Aerospace industry

In the Aerospace sector every extra weight has a cost, every volume implies a constraint. Even software has to fit within the mission parameters. Even now, most of optimization are done by hand, but as the complexity of system is growing this approach will not scale for long. In order to ensure reliability and optimal performance automated approach like the ones developed by Numalis is required.

Discover more about:
  • Better accuracy in constrained environment
  • Increase system stability
  • Numerical testing techniques