The First Spell Checker for Calculations

Ensuring optimal calculations means even more simulations and resources... but nothing guarantees against software failures. Numalis’ tools analyze your software, section by section, to automatically detect and correct numerical issues before they even happen.
While being as easy to use as a spellchecker, Numalis’ tools optimize your software in real time, ensuring you both reliability and performance.

Spoat range helps your software V&V process

Verification and Validation of software are as critical as they are time-consuming. Engineers may spend hours controlling the reliability of their calculations manually. With Numalis the numerical validation is done automatically saving you a lot of time while being even safer.

Discover more about how you can improve your V&V process, with:
  • Automated dynamic analysis of software
  • Cross analysis using state-of-the-art techniques
  • Safety properties enforce through formal proofs
  • Compatible use into your continuous integration framework
  • Automated test plans
  • Easy-to-use graphical and/or scriptable interface

Wizoat range helps you optimize your systems’ reliability and performance

Continuous improvement is what make your systems more competitive. However, improving implies a lot a corrections to be made in order to avoid regression. With Numalis, you get a patch of your software that match you need for performance and safety while ensuring a proper validation of any of the optimization proposed by the tools.

Discover more about how you can improve your systems, with:
  • Stability improvement
  • Multi-criterion numerical optimization
  • Software simplification to facilitate integration
  • Easy-to-use scriptable optimization process

Applications for the Defense industry

Critical embedded systems are becoming more complex as they embed a lot of calculations while acquiring a broader autonomy. Verification and Validation with the highest and strictest standards are a central step in your everyday process. With Numalis tools your engineers get the information they need, at the time they need, to design and validate efficiently any of their software (for land, air, sea or space systems).

Discover more about the use-cases:
  • Design and continuous improvement of various avionic systems
  • Stability improvement of radar and other signal processing units
  • Validation of code for navy weapon systems
  • Verification & Validation of various ground embedded systems
  • etc.

Applications for the Aerospace industry

In the Aerospace industry every mission detail is critical, even software has to be validate to match the mission parameters at 100%. Even now, most numerical validation and optimization are done by hand, but as the complexity of system is growing and the missions are getting harder, this approach is already not enough. In order to ensure reliability and optimal performance new methodologies and more automated tools are required, such as the ones developed by Numalis.

Discover more about the use-cases:
  • Easier integration of software in a space vehicle GNC
  • Robust numerical calculation for continuous satellite AOCS
  • Faster and lighter image processing (ground or embedded)
  • etc.