Numalis is a French company located at the heart of the FrenchTech in Montpellier. We are structured in order to expand worldwide and for that we offer bootstrapping careers in many fields.

Our objectives

Numalis is preparing its growth in France, Western Europe, the North-American region and Asia. We are looking for talents in many fields of expertise (commercial, marketing, software engineering). If you believe that you can change the way programs are conceived and optimized, please, contact us using the form here (using the Recruitment tag) so we could discuss with you what Numalis and you have in common.

Current opened positions

We are looking for new talents. If you happen to work or have worked in the one of the following field, please contact us:
  • Compilation
  • Static analysis of programs
  • Embedded software design
Please feel free to engage us directly by using this form (using the Recruitment tag).

Consult directly on indeed our opened positions.