Optimize your software

Complex systems require smart solutions, from design to tests each step is an engineering challenge. Wizoat range optimizes your program to help you deliver the most stable and performant code possible. Our solutions allow the generation of patch from source to source.
Current range of Wizoat products is composed of Wizoat-Arbitrage which simplifies your software to ease its integration into any optimized hardware and boost its performance, and Wizoat-Stability which reduces any critical system instability by correcting its numerical issues.
For a portable description please download the online brochure.

Wizoat-Arbitrage functional specifications

The goal of Wizoat-Arbitrage is to boost the performance of a software while preserving the necessary accuracy by adjusting the precision. For that the user has to follow the simple steps below:
  • Specify the accuracy required for its needs
  • Select functions / modules / files that needs optimization (following Spoat-Vulnerability recommendations for example)
  • Select the available precisions available on the architecture
  • Select an optimization objective (see below for more details)
  • Run Wizoat-Arbitrage
  • Obtain a patch of the code ready to be applied on the code along with a complete before/after analysis of the code
Optimization criteria are specified under, but not limited to the following:
  • Minimizing memory usage locally
  • Minimizing RAM/ROM usage globally
  • Minimizing volume of data transferred

Wizoat-Stability functional specifications

The goal of Wizoat-Stability is to improve the stability of your code without altering its performance. For that the user has to follow the simple steps below:
  • Identify vulnerabilities by running Spoat-Vulnerability
  • Select allowed syntactic modifications (see below for more details)
  • Run Wizoat-Stability
  • Obtain a patch of the code along with a complete before/after analysis
The syntactic modifications are fully configurable. User can choose the tool on:
  • Isolated expressions
  • Group of expressions with substitution
  • Control flow graph, e.g. using loop unrolling
  • New specialized code
  • Conditions stabilization

Technical specifications of the Wizoat range

Current versions of the tools within the Wizoat range have the following technical specifications:
  • C/C++/Ada2012 languages
  • Require Spoat-Vulnerability to operate
  • For Linux platform (Debian stable and other)
  • Available scriptable interface
  • Display of results through an easy to use GUI
  • Design to operate on basic workstation (multi-core with less than 12 Go of RAM)
If you use some specific or custom made programming language or library we can also interface our tools with it. Please get in touch with our team through our email support@numalis.com so we can explore how to add the necessary support.

Available services with the software license

Along with the license of our tools we provide several services in order to make your software engineers experience as smooth as possible. In particular, we provide the following services:
  • Training (on demand)
  • Technical support (subscription)
  • Emergency maintenance (subscription)
  • Preventive maintenance (subscription)
  • Continuous improvement (subscription)
  • Operational development (on demand)
For any questions on these services please reach us using through the Contact page.