Numalis is integrated in multilevel partnerships to help ship innovation from the academia toward the industry

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Since the beginning Numalis is connecting organizations from many different sectors : industry, academia and institutions. Discover here what partnerships we are already in. If your organization is interested in joining our partnership you can contact us here.



MBDA is an industrial company, subsidiary of Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo, in the sector of aeronautics and space. It is the european leader in missiles and missiles' systems.


Ezako is the editor of Upalgo which is a management suite for Time Series data. Upalgo enables Data Scientists, Citizen Data Scientists and Data Analysts to be more efficient with time series analysis.



AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company. Their specialty is helping innovative projects derived from academic research reach maturity and commercialization.


Counting over 800 members, Systematic is a worldwide competitiveness cluster that connects stakeholders of the software and digital industries. It aims to accelerate digital projects through collaborative innovation.

SAFE Cluster

With more than 400 members, the primary activity in SAFE Cluster (Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth) is to conceive and build innovative solutions for security of people and environment.

Aerospace Valley

Created in 2005, Aerospace Valley is the most significant innovation “pôle de compétitivité” in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems, counting with over 840 members from both the industry and the academia.

Pégase Croissance

Pegase Croissance is an original accelerator focusing on the scaling-up of SME’s. The accelerator focuses on innovative technology SME's in the aerospace & security ecosystem.

Airbus Développement

Airbus Development is a subsidiary of Airbus France SAS and a key agent in the economic development of the Occitanie Region. Its actions concern the development of the regional economy by supporting the creation, recovery and development of SMEs.


GICAT, a professional group, created in 1978, has over 200 subscribers, representing some 330 members, corporations, mid-market companies and SMEs. These members cover a wide range of industrial, research, service and consulting activities for military.

Pôle SCS

The SCS Cluster brings together an AI ecosystem of almost 300 industrial players, large groups, SMEs and startups, research laboratories and leading universities in their fields.


Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

In 2005 the UPVD decided to facilitate the relation between the worlds of research and industry in their quest for partnership. The goal is to facilitate contractual exchanges as far as Research is concerned between a company and a UPVD lab.


Bpi France

Bpifrance, aka the French Bank of Public Investment, offers funding solutions adapted to each stage of a company's lifecycle. This structure operates in partnership with private actors in the fields of funding and investment.

Business Innovation Center

The Business and Innovation Center of the Montpellier Urban Area is one of the first technological incubators in France and in Europe. It has received numerous awards for its tools and monitoring programs.

Montpellier Metropole

Withing the district, the innovative business creation is strongly supported by Montpellier Urban Area, via its Business Innovation Center (BIC). Since its creation in 1987, the BIC has offered its guidance and counsel to more than 400 structures.

La Région Occitanie

The Occitanie region benefits from a significant economic growth, concretely leading to the best dynamism of employment rates and business creation in France.


We are a French innovative software editor company providing tools and services to make your neural networks reliable and explainable.

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