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Saimple solutions

Saimple is set of tool to help in all of your AI projects. Saimple is a companion tool that helps you save a lot of time during your AI development while allowing you to have a better risk management of these project. It is especially suited for the processing of data acquired by sensors (images, sounds, IoT). Saimple can process neural networks described using TensorFlow (version 1) and Keras (version 2.2.4) neural networks through the ONNX standardized interface.

Who can use it?

  • AI engineers and data scientists,
  • AI cybersecurity experts,
  • Engineers in charge of the AI integration,
  • Software quality engineers.

How can I use it?

  • Graphical interface is available on a workstation using our multi-platform client,
  • Server solution is available on premise for Linux platform,
  • Through SaaS mode (coming soon!)

On what kind of neural networks?

  • Feed forward neural networks
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • Residual neural networks

Licensing solutions

Saimple can be purchased for on premise and server solution. We provide also services with our tool licences. For an personalized quotation please contact us.


Numalis is dedicated to help you adopt AI in a safe way, for that we provide several services in order to bring our know-how to your organization and make your software engineers experience as smooth as possible with our Saimple tools. Our services can be accessible remotely or on-site depending on your organization needs and confidentiality constraints.

While our primary focus is to bring services to you as soon as possible, we are also used to operating in information-sensitive environnements and will adapt to your needs if necessary.


Starting any new AI project involving neural networks can be a challenge, especially when processes of validation are not yet fully adapted for AI. For that you organization can benefit from our expertise in :

  • AI robustness assessment
  • Defining robustness requirement on your system
  • Suitability for the ongoing standardization work

We can participate in your effort to establish new engineering and validation processes regarding AI. For more information please contact us to establish a personalized auditing project.


When every new technology comes around the skill set of your work force evolves to manage it, and AI is no exception. Saimple tools allow your engineers to see beyond what a classical AI framework allows them to monitor, therefore your engineer would need some help to take the most of it. Numalis provides online resources (documentation and videos) for their licenced customer as well as direct training if necessary.


The success of your business operation is crucial, for that you need timely delivery and active support when needed. For our customers Numalis commits to have your issues answered as quickly as possible and maintain a direct line of communication between your engineers and our support team.


The field of neural network validation is evolving rapidly, and Numalis plays an active role in its shaping. Working with Numalis means having always an up-to-date version of the most recent neural network analysis technologies. Our agile process allows you to benefit from every software correction and every feature improvement as soon as they are ready to use.


We are a French innovative software editor company providing tools and services to make your neural networks reliable and explainable.

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