Numalis Raises 5 Million Euros, Bolstering Its Leadership in AI Explainability and Validation

07 novembre 2023
Numalis Raises 5 Million Euros, Bolstering Its Leadership in AI Explainability and Validation
Numalis Secures 5 Million Euros to Lead the Future of Trustworthy AI

Numalis, a French deeptech startup specializing in formal methods and the first to industrialize these rigorous mathematical approaches for artificial intelligence (AI) validation, announces a 5 million euro fundraising round from a group of investors including Definvest fund of the Ministry of the Armed Forces managed by Bpifrance, 115K the venture capital fund of La Banque Postale, MBDA, and Safran Corporate Ventures.

This fundraising will enable Numalis to expand and accelerate its international deployment while strengthening its Research & Development efforts to contribute to the advancement of the state of the art, reinforce innovation, and affirm its market leadership position.

Numalis primarily targets major AI players, particularly in critical domains requiring enhanced precision and reliability, such as defense, transportation (aeronautics, space, rail, automotive), finance, or healthcare. Major names in French industry, aware of economic, reliability, and sovereignty challenges, already trust Numalis, giving them a strategic advantage in a highly competitive international market.

Small and medium-sized enterprises face the same challenges, especially in the context of France's Relance plan, France 2030, and the international race in AI. In this context, Numalis aims to facilitate the adoption of trustworthy and sovereign AI through its SaaS solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Based in Montpellier and born from scientific research in 2015, Numalis specializes in the explainability and validation of AI robustness through formal methods. This branch of theoretical computer science uses mathematical logic tools on computer programs or electronic hardware to demonstrate the validity of the information they produce. Initially focused on correcting computer calculation errors and validating codes for critical embedded systems, the company now develops effective and scalable solutions for AI algorithm validation. In a constantly evolving technological landscape with an emerging regulatory framework, the company offers its industrial partners and stakeholders exclusive expertise and cutting-edge solutions based on rigorous mathematical methods, hosted within a sovereign infrastructure, to prepare and guide them towards reliable and secure AI.

Numalis plays a significant role in developing AI standards at the European and international levels. These standards will form the basis of the upcoming European "AI-Act" regulation, expected to be finalized by 2025.

This regulation aims to govern the development and use of AI systems in the European Union. Numalis ensures that AI systems meet these transparency and robustness requirements for confident adoption.

Arnault Ioualalen, CEO of Numalis: "This fundraising is an important step in our development, and we are proud of our investors' confidence. Our solution has proven effective, and we now have the means to accelerate our market presence and turn our technological leadership into commercial success. Development in France and Europe, a spearhead in digital regulation, remains our priority for 2024. We are also attentive to other markets, particularly North America and Asia, the primary drivers of AI market growth, and we intend to use this significant step to adopt and consolidate a truly cross-market approach."

For Alexandre Lahousse, head of industrial affairs and economic intelligence at the General Directorate for Armament: "The gradual integration of AI by the DGA into certain equipment delivered to the forces requires accompanying this evolution with algorithm supervision and control solutions guaranteeing their integrity. As a technological gem offering mature and innovative solutions, NUMALIS embodies all the qualities the ministry seeks in this pivotal period to address this new step in the digitization of the battlefield."

Samia Belabed, Director of Investments at Bpifrance and investor for the Definvest fund, adds: "With its unique technology, Numalis is a key partner in the AI value chain, enabling its players (from startups to large groups) to deploy their solutions reliably and securely. As AI becomes indispensable in citizens' lives, Bpifrance for the Definvest fund is delighted to support the development of this Deeptech gem committed to building trustworthy AI."

Laure de Buyer, investment director at 115K, explains: "Numalis convinced us with the quality and robustness of their work and their potential to support the exponential development of AI by evaluating their explainability and reliability, essential trust guarantees. Their offer fully meets the transparency and responsibility challenges posed by AI that we advocate within the group."

Denis Gardin, Director of Innovation and Future Systems at MBDA, states: "We are excited to continue our partnership with Numalis initiated in 2020 by supporting this new fundraising round. For MBDA, integrating AI-based algorithms requires development tools and expertise to ensure the safety and explainability of these algorithms; it's this expertise and innovation that we find at Numalis."

Florent Illat, General Manager of Safran Corporate Ventures, concludes: "We are proud to participate in Numalis' fundraising, a leader in the fields of AI explainability and validation. As the aerospace sector faces the most stringent safety standards, this collaboration aligns with Safran's strategy to facilitate AI adoption, even in the most demanding environments."

Participants in the Operation:

Numalis Advisory Firm: Deloitte.

Investor Advisory Firm: D'ornano and Co, Cabinet CRISTINA NARVAEZ.

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