Ensuring optimal calculations means even more simulations and resources... but nothing guarantees against software failures. Numalis’ tools analyze your software, section by section, to automatically detect and correct numerical issues before they even happen. While being as easy to use as a spellchecker, they optimize your software in real time, ensuring you both reliability and performance.

The first ever spellchecker for calculations

To correct numerical issues, engineers currently rely on manual testing which is empirical and time-consuming... but it can be quite a challenge to find every bug by testing everything in a constrained time frame. That’s especially true when testing requires to have an actual functioning prototype which could take months to build.
With Numalis tools, you can automatically detect, early on, any calculation issues not found by other tools (with the Spoat range) and then automatically have a way to improve the code quality (with the Wizoat range) in order to optimize performance, reliability, stability, etc.