Numalis gets the GICAT' "Generate" certification label

24 mars 2017
Numalis gets the GICAT' "Generate" certification label
The GICAT is innovating and gathering everything to allow young innovative startups to bring their products into the Defense sector.
That's a huge novelty for the GICAT ("Groupement des Industries Françaises de la Défense et de la Sécurité Terrestre et Aéroterrestre") which regroups French companies dealing specificaly in the Defense sector. For the first time in its history this cluster opens its doors to young startups wich can also bring innovation in the Defense sector. Through a certification label called "Generate" the GICAT aims at helping innovative startups to bring rapidly their product into the Defense market. After a selection at the national level Numalis is one of the five startups that has been awarded the certification label by a jury of GICAT' members.


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