Numalis gets the innovation award from the MEDEF

05 septembre 2017
Numalis gets the innovation award from the MEDEF
During it's summer university the MEDEF industrial cluster has awarded Numalis its innovation award, to honor the innovative contributions Numalis bring for both military and civilian applications.

The MEDEF industrial cluster is often known for its role among large companies, however this year the startup world made a remarkable entrance in it. With the support of the startup accelerator Starburst, and the GICAT cluster of the French Defense industry, the MEDEF organized its first national pitch competition for innovative startups with both military and civilian applications.

The industrial sectors of aerospace, aeronautic and Defense are one the most important in the French industry, and it is naturally with the help of Starburst and GICAT that this competition has been organized. The goal? Convince a panel of personalities from the industrial world, experts and members of the armed forces of the potential and the innovation carried by each startup. The award was given by M. Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, vice president of the MEDEF organization, to honor companies that innovate in both civilian and military field.


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