Best industry paper awarded to Numalis at ISSRE'17

25 octobre 2017
Best industry paper awarded to Numalis at ISSRE'17
Every year this conference regroups both industrial and academic speakers for around the world to discuss software reliability. This topic is on point when it concerns autonomous cars or space launchers.
Across many industries the question of system reliability is crucial. This ISSRE (for International Symposium on Software Reliability) conference is organized by the IEEE to share good industrial practices and academic innovations on software design and testing. To reward both the industry and the academia, the scientific committee of the conference award two prize for the best paper present in both categories. Selected papers are nominated by the researcher that reviewed them and the winner are selected by a vote from more than 200 participants in the audience just after their presentation.

This year the best paper in the industry category was awarded by Mrs Sigrid Eldh (project manager at Ericsson in Sweden) to a paper co-written by Numalis and the Perpignan university. To Arnault Ioualalen, CEO of Numalis, "this award is a recognition by the scientific community of the importance of the numerical accuracy issues. We are going to continue bringing our solutions from the academia to the industrial world."


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