Numalis CEO's speech at the French-Russian forum

26 février 2021
Numalis CEO's speech at the French-Russian forum
International cooperation does not stop even in these times of Covid-19. The proof is that on February 26, 2021, the first Franco-Russian forum on artificial intelligence took place via videoconference.

This forum aims to encourage and emphasize the importance of bilateral cooperation between the two nations to counterbalance the presence of the USA and China on issues related to AI. The importance of developing a regulatory framework through international standards was discussed during a roundtable dedicated to national strategies, governance and regulation of AI. Several Franco-Russian speakers, including Arnault Ioualalen, founder and CEO of Numalis, stressed the importance of implementing these norms and standards to limit the hold on AI that powers such as the United States or China could develop.



Image source: Pixabay by Difisher


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