Numalis Joins Two Consortia for EDIDP 2021 Programs

01 décembre 2020
Numalis Joins Two Consortia for EDIDP 2021 Programs
In December 2021, Numalis joined two business clusters in the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP).

These ambitious programs aim to co-finance the development of defense-related technologies. Numalis was selected to be part of two consortia to lead two flagship projects of the program: EDIDP CUAS (Counter Unmanned Air Systems capabilities - UASs) and EDIDP AI (artificial intelligence). The first project aims to experiment with new devices for identifying and neutralizing drones on board combat helicopters. Faced with the threat of armed and intelligence gathering drones, the need to develop active and passive countermeasures has become paramount. The second project (EDIDP AI) aims to define advanced AI technologies and software solutions. This project aims at proposing innovative AI-based solutions, especially for Control Command and collaborative combat.



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