Arnault Ioualalen's presentation to the War College Innovation Committee

26 novembre 2020
Arnault Ioualalen's presentation to the War College Innovation Committee
On November 26, 2020, Arnault Ioualalen, founder of numalis, was able to reflect on his entrepreneurial journey during a session of the École de guerre's innovation committee.

Located in Paris and founded in 1873, the École de guerre is the training ground for tomorrow's military leaders before they join the headquarters of the various armies. Composed of French officers from the different arms and officers from friendly countries, the École de Guerre is a place of reflection and openness to the operational and strategic art. Arnault Ioualalen came to share his experience as an entrepreneur. Thus, the management of failure and unforeseen events within a company by its leaders echo the difficulties that officers may have to manage once in charge of an operation.  The latter must constantly adapt to counter the unpredictability of the enemy. The intervention of the founder of Numalis allowed them to receive insight from the civilian world, with which future officers are not necessarily familiar, in order to draw inspiration from its best practices.


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