Intervention of Arnault Ioualalen at the SCS cluster

11 mai 2021
Intervention of Arnault Ioualalen at the SCS cluster
On 11 May 2021, Arnault Ioualalen gave two lectures to the SCS cluster: one of the world's major competitiveness clusters dedicated to digital technologies.

During his first intervention, the CEO of Numalis addressed several key topics such as AI standardisation. In the second, he presented the results of a project involving the "Upalgo" tool from the start-up Ezako and the "Saimple" tool from Numalis. The project concerned the detection and explanation of anomalies in the context of predictive maintenance. This project was born from a collaboration between Numalis and the start-up Ezako, which specialises in the analysis of time series by machine learning. Thanks to this collaboration, a predictive maintenance system can now detect an anomaly in a system and explain the causes.


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