Numalis went to Italy for EDIDP JEY-CUAS project

15 juillet 2022
Numalis went to Italy for EDIDP JEY-CUAS project
EDIDP JEY-CUAS (Joint European sYstem for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems) is an European defense project, funded by the European Commission.

Being able to counter unmanned air systems is a key priority, as demonstrated by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. So Europe needs to develop his own systems to address this threat, and that is aim of the JEY-CUAS project, in which Numalis helps to improve some security aspects.

On the occasion of the official launch of the project, Numalis’ CEO, Arnault Ioualalen, went to Italy on 12 and 13 of July. It was the opportunity for Leonardo to coordinate one last time the teams before the start of the works.

Numalis is proud to be in and to start such a project!


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